Politics and Legal Institute

The Political and Law Institute will be the Leadership Development Institute. It will select and train 100,000 Black African American Students interested in politics, law and leadership from all the other institutes. These Conscious Professionals will become members in Our American Party (OAP), a new national political party with offices in TQR, Inc. identified 150 cities. It will also fund and support Conscious Black African Americans Candidates for public elections.

This institute will advocate for the interest of Black African American People and help to identify and remove racist laws, policies, programs and procedures that negatively impact Black African Americans nationally and locally. This new leadership will not be afraid to fight for the rights and interest of their people first and all of humanity. They will not use broad terms such as minority, diversity or multiculturalism.  Their focus will be on Black African Americans People in America and expand to the Black African Diaspora and to the continent of Africa.

In the Counties where Black African Americans have a majority population, Black African Americans Politicians will control the Sheriff, District Attorney, Coroner, Auditor, Tax Collector, Judges, Clerk of Court, County Supervisors / Commissioners and Engineer. At the City, Black African Americans Politicians will control the Mayor, City Councilperson Alderpersons, Attorney and Auditor.