Time To Ignite A Black African American Renaissance

It’s time for a Black African American Renaissance! The Quiet Resolution (TQR,Inc.) is a startup created by a graduate of Jackson State University that offers a National Black Empowerment Plan.

It is time to ignite a Black African American Renaissance as part of TQR, Inc. I am asking Black African American High School Students and Black College Students to participate, by collaborating with each other across your academic disciplines and interest, to develop their ideas into products and services that can launched into their Startup Corporations. Jackson Mississippi is the perfect city to ignite this Black African American Renaissance. Why? Tougaloo College, a UNCF and Jackson State University, a HBCU are located in a city with a population that is 85% Black African American, and with fearless Black African American Leadership. But that is not enough! This Renaissance must spread to every high school and college campus where Black African American Students study, including Predominantly White High Schools and Colleges.

How this should work:
Black African Students should start meeting to discuss their products and services ideas. Form Cross Academic and interest Product or Service Teams. Include Student with an interest or who understand marketing, accounting, technology, business, communication, engineering, design, logistics, writing, music, filming and finance and others. Based on the type of innovative product, teams must have a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 8 to 10. I expect no less than 100 different teams on college campuses.

Cuptoopia.com, Inc, my technology startup is working on a technology called EduiPay to collect seed money to assist teams. But funding will never be used as a excuse!

Why A Black African American Renaissance:
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation is coming and it will displace a majority of the “Good Jobs” that most Black African Americans currently have today and will eliminate other jobs that students are studying for now. Those things will repeat the conditions caused by what the tractor, cotton picker and cotton gin did to Southern Blacks in the 20th Century. Black were able to migrate north to automobile and steel manufacturing jobs, but not this time. We must begin creating our own products and services that lead to our own corporations that will compete in the marketplace and create employment opportunities for ourselves. It’s our responsibility to solve our problems. Students must lead this Renaissance and yes, it must be televised using social and traditional media. Black African American Students have an unrealized genius within them. Your imagination, innovation, ideas and no inventiveness is unmatched by any other human beings, when you reject what others say you can not do! The key is your competing collectively without Fear, Greed or Excuses!

Next Action Step:
Commit to collaborating with other students without Fear, Greed or Excuses to develop a product or services fast. Start meetings on campus. Decide on a product or service idea. Create a prototype, marketing strategy, succeed or fail fast, learn from what went wrong or right, fix it and try again or keep moving forward. Never let anyone teach you your limitations. Always remember! Nothing is impossible! It just hasn’t been done yet! Be the first to achieve what others think is impossible. I believe in you! Your family believes in you! Your people believe in and need you! Accept this call! Ignite the Black African American Renaissance!

Spread the word to other Black College and High School Students! You can compete is all industries! Agriculture Foods, Robotics, Technology, Fashion, Healthcare, Machines, Housing, Energy, Drones, Transportation, Digital Music, Movies, Apps, Web Applications, eBooks, Animated Stories and others. Create Big Disruptive Ideas that can change the world and small products and services that save time and money. The ONLY LIMITATIONS that you have are the ones you choose to accept for yourselves. You are the spark that will ignite the Black African American Renaissance that will fuel The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.) for Black African Americans. The chosen theme song for the Black African American Renaissance is called Black Messiah, written by me and uploaded to My YouTube Page. I encourage you to Take the Black Messiah Song Challenge!

Black African Americans Social and Economic Conditions 50 Years Later
Fifty years after the Kerner Commission Report, the social and economic conditions of Black African Americans have not improved. This is proof that no one is coming to save or empower Black Folks. The time for All “Shucking and Jiving” is at an end!

I stand ready to offer guidance and support, not control. Your leadership and courage is required! Get Up You Mighty Race of Black African American Students! Accomplish what you WILL, without Fear, Greed or Excuses! No more marching! No more protesting!
What Time Is it?
It’s Competing Time!
It’s Collaboration Time!                                                                                                                                                                     It’s Innovating Time!

What Time Is it?
It’s Black Empowerment Time!
It’s Black Love Time!

Who’s Time is it?
It’s Your Time!
It’s Our Time!                                                                                                                                                                                         It’s Black African Americans Student’s Time!

Spread this message to every Black High School Student, HBCU and UNCF College Student that you know. All Hands On Deck! Enough Is Enough! We have work to do!

Respectfully and with Black Love!

Charles E. Campbell, MSW, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution, (TQR, Inc)