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The Quiet Resolution (TQR) is a National Black Empowerment Plan. TQR, Inc. plans to empower and uplift Black African Americans in the area of:

1. Economic Development

2. Education

3. Security

4. Medical, Social and Research,

5. Politics and Law

TQR, Inc. has identified 30 cities with the largest Black African American Populations in the following cities to start with and plans to add an additional 30 cities each year until we reach 150 Cities or more.

First 30 Cities With The Largest Black African American Population. Cities will we included where the most per capital number of Black African Americans who become members of TQR, Inc.

The cities are listed here:

(1) Detroit, MI;

(2) New York, NY;

(3) Chicago, IL;

(4) Philadelphia, PA;

(5) Gary, IN;

(6) Los Angeles, CA;

(7) Houston, TX;

(8) Washington, DC;

(9) Baltimore, MD;

(10) Inglewood, CA;

(11) Memphis, TN;

(12) Dallas, TX;

(13) Atlanta, GA;

(14) New Orleans, LA;

(15) Cleveland, OH;

(16) St. Louis, MO;

(17) Milwaukee, WI;

(18) Jacksonville, FL;

(19) Jackson, MS;

(20) Norfolk, VA;

(21) Buffalo, NY;

(22) Highland Park, MI,

(23) Birmingham, AL;

(24) Cincinnati, OH;

(25) Columbus, OH;

(26) Charlotte, NC;

(27) San Francisco, CA;

(28) Seattle, WA

(29) Hartford, CT;

(30) Indianapolis, IN.