Our Approach

We believe in implementing a comprehensive national plan for the Uplift and Empowerment of Black African Americans through our collective efforts.  Our plan is to establish Five National Black Institutes with local branches starting in 30 cities to start and expand to 150 cities with the largest Black African American Population to uplift and empower Black African American People by competing in the marketplace in the five (5) following areas:
(1) Economic Development
(2) Education
(3) Security
(4) Medical, Social and Research
(5) Politics and Law

Your voluntary donations or your membership will be used to reduce Black Disparity Data, with solutions that counter White Supremacy based laws, policies and programs designed to exterminate Black African American People evidenced by Black Disparity Data. This is why TQR, Inc is necessary.

Our Story

Based on PowerNomics and Black Labor White Wealth by Dr. Claud Anderson, The Quiet Resolution was written to implement his ideas, strategies and principles of ownership and control from land and raw materials to productions, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, retail and recycle.

TQR, Inc. was launched as a corporation on September 11, 2014 based on the TQR Plan. It was revised on December 13, 2014 by Founder & CEO,

After facing the realization of the Poverty Industrial Complex (PIC) in the profession of Social Work, he turned his efforts toward developing solutions for really big social, technological and global human problems.

Meet The Founder

            Charles E. Campbell

Founder & CEO

Charles E. Campbell believes that poverty is man-made and can be solved by humans. He was born into poverty in Vance, Mississippi, in the Mississippi Delta.  He was educated at West Tallahatchie High School, Northwest MS Jr. College, Jackson State University, The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College and is currently an Electronic Engineering Technology Student at DeVry University.  He launched Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC), a renewable energy startup to earn the startup capital for TQR, Inc.  He continues to fight off efforts by those who do not want Black African American’s Empowerment to occur.    He earned two degrees in Social Work and is working toward an Electronic Engineering Degree with a focus on Renewable Energy. He was issued a US Patent in 2013 for a new type of large-scale hydroelectric power plant designed inside a 70-story building. This innovative technology offers a solution to Climate Change.  Charles is a born inventor with a gift of innovation, and a passion for entrepreneurship.  He believes that “nothing is impossible, it just hasn’t been done yet”!  He has refused to allow anyone to teach him his limitations.  He loves Black African American People with a passion that honors his ancestors and generations yet unborn.

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