Black People’s Covid-19 Emergency Plan

Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going away. It is disproportionately killing Black African American People. Black Leaders have failed to provide a plan and leadership. We can nolonger afford to wait on a President to protect our people from Covid-19. Black African American People must step up to meet the challenge of the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis with a Black National Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Plan.

TQR, Inc.’s Proposed Plan:

Black People’s Covid-19 Emergency Plan (BP-C19-EP). The right to self determination is why I launched The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc), with a National Comprehensive Black Empowerment Plan based on Dr. Claud Anderson’s PowerNomic Principles. TQR, Inc is the legal intity under which I am seeking funding to launch a National Comprehensive Black People’s Covid-19 Plan.

We can’t and should not depend or rely on funding from anyone but ourselves. If anyone offers financial, material, or logistical support, it will be accepted and welcomed, as long as their are no strings attached. We offer this warnig to all Self Hating Black Organizations, and to the White Racists Organizations that they represent, especially their members who conspire to keep the Black Community on its knees. “Stand Back and Stand Down”! Your sabotage will not be tolerated. If you don’t like TQR, Inc’s Black People’s Covid-19 Emergency Plan, then I challenge your National Organization to create your own. You have the money and resources to do so, but you have not done so, because you lack the Will and Sincere Love for Black African American People. So I warn you, “Stand Back and Stand Down”!

Black People must fund this plan! Seed donations to launch this effort can be sent via Cash App $WaigMe

Black People’s Covid-19 Emergency Plan: 10 Strategies

Strategy 1. Provide Black African American People with a Free Contact Tracing Smartphone App that we monitor and respond to.

Strategy 2. To provide Black African American People with Free Facial Masks.

Strategy 3. To create or provide Black People with access to existing Rapid Testing Technologies.

Strategy 4. To equiped Black Rapid Response Community-Based Teams as Covid-19 Testers, that includes Black Social Workers, Black Physicians and Black Nurses to respond to Outbreaks of Covid-19 in the Black Community and provide TeleMedicine Services to Black African American Communities.

Strategy 5. To partner with ten Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) or United Negro Funded Colleges (UNCFs) to create 10 Covid-19 Research Facilities on their Campuses that would facilitate the remote collaboration between Black Scientists, Black Students, Black Professors, Black Engineers and Black Community Members to research, invent new rapid testing and innovative non-invasive medical treatment technologies, and a cure for Covid-19.

Strategy 6. Create 1,000,000 Black Micro-Manufacturing Freelance Jobs for Black People to generate an income with Sewing Machines to make PPE Masks, Socks, Underwear, Ties, Dresses and Pants safely in their homes or apartments for US Clothing Manufacturers based on a Per-Piece Production Rate.

Strategy 7. Establish a Black Medical, Political and Legal Leadership Team to coordinate with the Federal, County and City Governments (CDC, NIH, HUD, FBI, County and City Health Departments) to ensure that Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Black African American People and NOT used as a racist weapon, like the US Government CDC run Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments.

Strategy 8. Establish a Community Based Rideshare Safe Transportation Service to remove the affordable transportation barrier for Black African Americans accessing food, medical supplies, medications and getting to medical appointments.

Strategy 9. Establish a Free Black African Americans Online Mental Health Platform to address the social and mental health needs of Black African Americans made worse by Covid-19.

Strategy 10. Establish An Emergency Housing Raffle Platform that allows Black African American to buy Digital Raffle Tickets for a chance to win money to pay their Rent or Mortgage during Covid-19 and to provide a sustaining income that funds our Black National Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Plan.

With adequate resources, we will focus are many other areas, but this is a Pandemic and we require a focused comprehensive plan with implementable strategies. There is nothing preventing anyone else from stepping up to do something to help those you love. TQR is Black Love!

I would encourage Native Americans, Hispanics and Poor White American Leaders to create a similar plan to protect their own people. The success of the Black People’s Covid-19 Emergency Plan will depend upon the expertise, resources and generosity of Black African American People. No one is coming to save Black African American People, but Black African American People. Start by donating whatever money you can to provide the seed funding that would allow for the rapid launch. Donate here! $WaigMe

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