Economic Development Institute

Economic Development Institute will create Black African American Businesses in every industry and develop new industries by unleashing the genius of Black African American Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Business Person and those with unrealized ideas, skills, education and abilities.

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Education Institute

Educational Institute will construct and operate childcare, preschools, Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools, Regional Job Training Centers, and partner with HBCUs and UNFCs.  It will create TQR University to create schools of Medicine, Law, Engineering, Technology, Space, Agriculture  and Science.

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Medical,Social and Research Institute

Medical, Social and Research Institute will operate hospitals, clinics, dental offices and a National Health Insurance Company.  It will operate research facilities focusing on cures for chronic conditions that disproportionately impact Black African Americans.  It will create and operate pharmacies, and  fund Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medial, Engineering Research Facilities.

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Black African American Survival In the 21st Century

We believe that Black African American People’s very survival is at risk in America!  We have developed and National Black African American Empowerment Plan and launched a startup to implement it. Why? Because we love Black African American People and are tired of the Racist Institutional and Systematic Oppression of Black African American People through, Racist Laws, Policies and Programs created to deny access to economic opportunity, disenfranchise, mis-educate, mass incarcerate and maintain genocidal Black Infant Mortality Rates!

TQR, Inc’s mission is to uplift and empower Black African American People starting in the USA in 30 Cities with the largest Black African American Populations and expand to 150 or more cities.   Our number one advantage is our selfish and unapologetic Black Love for our people and our mission to create, own and operate our businesses with compassion, understanding, love, and innovation.  We pledge to always operate without Fear or Greed.

We will focus on addressing and solving our poor education, economics, health, social, recreational, political, security and legal needs of Black African American People.  We aim to compete in every industry and create and dominate new industries. Profits will be used to ensure the long term survival, uplift and empowerment of Black African American People.

The Quiet Resolution is a written national plan that will constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of Black African American People. It will remain a private for-profit corporation run by a national leadership team, governed by a Conscious Black African American Advisory Board.

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