Medical, Social and Research Institute


Social, Medical and Research Institute


The Medical, Social and Research Institute will have 30 branches in the identified cities and will protect and treat the medical, social and research needs of Black African People. Medical, Social and Research Institute will research medical cures to disease that affect Black African American People disproportionately. Black Africana American People are being devastated by Aids, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Kidney Disease, and our children are being removed from our communities by social service agencies and place in out of home placement and foster care at alarming rates. This madness must stop! This Institute will research all medical related diseases, economic business opportunities, drugs, new products and services will be created out of this institute. Research will lead to new employment and business opportunities for Black African American People.


The Medical, Social and Research Institute will build or purchase thirty hospitals in the identified cities. It is critical that we began to provide adequate health and dental care for our people. This can only be accomplished by owning hospitals and clinics in our communities. TQR, Inc. will stop the medical and environmental attacks on our communities and increase the life expectancy of Black Africans American infants, teens, young adults, adults and elderly through competent, professional preventative and routine medical and dental care. This institute will market, promote and serve as a recruitment strategy for TQR, Inc. members. The Medical, Social and Research Institute will work with 300,000 students who want to study medicine, dentistry and social service fields. We will ensure that our own physicians, technicians, researchers, dentists, nurses and specialists are well trained and have a Black African Consciousness to take care of our community.