Security Institute


The Security Institute will establish Security Companies in 30 branches in the identified cities. Their function will be to provide security for TQR, Inc businesses, staff, members and communities. They will identify persons and organizations who are actively trying to attack, intimidate, threaten or coheres TQR, Inc. Members, businesses, staff and community. TQR, Inc. understands that power respects nothing, except equal power. Those who are the power elite will use all their wealth, power, influence, government and political connections to maintain Black African Americans in their current condition. Samboes are Black People who are benefiting from the system at the expense of other Black African Americans and who are willing fight against any efforts that change their status, by any means necessary.


They have wealth, political positions, income, social, or organizational status and will be afraid that TQR, Inc. will expose their inappropriate behavior toward Black People. They are advisors and overseers to those who seek to maintain economic control of Black African People. They will be paid very well to attack, create confusing, division, mistrust and given access to all forms of media for the purpose of destroying TQR, Inc. The Security Institute is TQR, Inc.’s defense.